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From the desk of Calvin Hill


Dear Music Business Friend, 

Let me start off by saying you will have...NO more problems getting signed to a label that will take care of you…

At last, you can grab information that will allow you to move forward in the music business with unbelievable success. You will discover things about the music industry you always wanted to know.

People all over the world are getting famous and richer than ever before, and it's all thanks to the revolutionary music program, "The Record Deal Marketing Guide"! I'll explain how they are doing it in a minute, but picture this:

You can record, write, play and perform songs with crazy confidence that an A&R representative from an Indie or Major record label will be interested in signing you.

I reveal detailed inside tips inside the system that can have major and independent record labels fighting in a bidding war for you and your music.

Almost everyone who emails me is lacking this information. It kills me to know how far behind they are when it comes to getting their music heard or in front of the right person.

Most people who contact me are using techniques that are old, outdated and also used by millions of other artist and producers who are trying to enter the music business.

CEO’s and A&R reps are tired of the same ole’ thing.

 Here is what I know...

·         You NEED a killer website (NOT AN OPTION!)

·         You NEED a killer demo (NOT AN OPTION!)

·         You NEED a massive PR campaign (NOT AN OPTION!)

·         You NEED to sell thousands of CD’s (NOT AN OPTION!)

·         You NEED unstoppable exposure and BUZZ (NOT AN OPTION!)

"The Record Deal Marketing Guide" will help you automate these NEEDS.

Here is a fun fact: Millions of people Record and Write Songs in the music business and are submitting demos daily to A&R reps or Record companies…and here is what 99% of them have to say when the demo arrives… SO WHAT!

It is not just about having some talent these days…you have to have a plan!

Ask yourself...What makes me stand out from the millions of CD’s sent to Record companies last week?

You see you must have an edge and better than that you have to know how to use the World Wide Web to crush your competition

A&R Reps also use the Internet to find hot talent...

... So it's EASY to turn this NEED for great Artist or Music into an opportunity to get signed and makea boat load of money doing it!

However, you have to know what you are doing. I made this pretty simple by creating “The Record Deal Marketing Guide” and making it downloadable. Why you ask?

Because artist and producers have been using the inside techniques and education my system provides YOU with for many years now. They are tested, proven formulas that flat out work and you should have a chance to be where they are. 

The main thing that has changed is that you implement some of these marketing techniques to the web.

Using the Internet speeds up your success dramatically. But the principle remains the same:

If you want to get ahead and actually get signed and make serious money while doing that, then put the information I give you inThe Record Deal Marketing Guide to work. 

In short, use the same formula that has made millions of dollars and gotten thousands of artist, writers and producers signed for the last 10 years.

Think about it: What is your BIGGEST problem right now?

Now suppose I offered to solve that problem for $27... or $47... or $97... or even $200 or more? Wouldn't learning the solution to your very biggest  problem -- and getting it RIGHT NOW -- be worth almost any price?

For most people, the answer is "YES!" and this is why smart SINGERS, RAPPERS, BANDS, GUITAR PLAYERS & PRODUCERS are able to make lucrative six-figure incomes selling their lyrics, songs or beats on and off the internet while they await a recording contract using "The Record Deal Marketing Guide" and (often landing Independent and Major Record Deals quickly!).

It Doesn't Matter If You...

  • Have A Small Budget 
  • Are Male or Female 
  • Are Fat or Skinny 
  • Are In A Rural Area 
  • or If You Are White, Black etc...etc.... 

This record deal marketing system will help you to succeed.

** Why I Created This Guide **

Well "TheRecord Deal Marketing Guide" is what artist, my customers, friends and website visitors who love music have been asking me for...

... They all wanted to know how can I get a record deal with a major or independent label ?!

So I created this system after teaching several of my good friends and giving hundreds of my customer’s tips on how to turn their passion for music into money, exposure, promotion and finally a recording contract. I really wanted to help them.     

Time after time I found that I was presenting methods over the phone or at Atlanta Falcon games and Sports bars and this was doing them no good because they were forgetting half the things I gave to them.

I can't explain it. They just were!     

For example, someone would show me a website they built or a marketing campaign supposedly using some of the techniques I told them. But it would be missing key features to attract A&R representatives and anyone else with money ready to sign an artist to their record label. Just BAD!

The problem was they forgot the many things “The Record Deal Marketing Guide” now provides in easy to use audio, video and PDF sessions

Now they can refer to the system at anytime which is great because it literally forces you to build a successful marketing campaign for exposure and promotion and that’s what you want in order to get a deal.

What I think you are really asking me is, Calvin...

"Can you help me do something with my love for music to at least have a legitimate shot at getting a record deal?"

Well here's some of the things to keep you calm as you read on: You will be amazed at what you get in the RDM Guide...


22 Video Files!

(Over 5 Hours)

Now you can sit back and watch the techniques it takes to build a successful marketing campaign that A&R reps go CRAZY over.

These videos are worth $1,000's of dollars and can make you RICH...PERIOD!

These crystal clear visual videos display the SECRETS that artist like Soulja Boy, Taylor Swift, Kanye West, 50 Cent and many more use to crush the media and Internet to make millions and stay relevant to the Record Labels.

Shocking Footage...



20+ Audio Files!

(Over 5 Hours)

Over 5 Hours of high quality audio has been recorded with the inside e tips of how to promote, market and get CRAZY exposure to force record labels to sign you to a deal.

These MP3's can be placed on your PDA, iPod, MP3 player, CD or just audio on your computer.

Nothing is better than listening to the FACTS on how to be successful in the music business on audio.



Detailed PDF's

(Including Images)

It's absolutely mandatory that you get an adobe pdf document with any product you buy these days.

The eBook that I put together is just the icing on the cake for an extremely powerful system for getting you a record deal.

I list some incredible things inside this PDF that will put you in the music game on a ground level poised to rise to the top FAST! 

More Things In The RDM Guide...

5 websites that can bring over 10,000 visitors a day

What is the use of having a website if it is getting no traffic. No traffic means no money or exposure and labels hate that.

What's Wrong With Your Name?

Your government name from your parents is fine but the stage name you have chosen may be keeping you from getting signed.

What You Should Have That's Worth Millions

There are many things that will help you land a deal but one of them is litteraly worth millions but will only cost you $10 to get.

1 Simple Thing That Represents You 24/7

A PR campaign person is extremely good at spinning, creating and gaining press but they will never be as powerful as something that presents itself as a silent salesman 24-hours a day, 7-days a week.

5 Places You Must Know To Be Relevant

Sometimes it's who you know and what you know but in this case it is 100% where you are. There are 5 places that any and every musician have to be and it NOT an OPTION!

Which Email Address Is The Most Important?

Everybody has an email account and it's hard to figure out which one is the most relevant for record labels and A&R reps. If you get this wrong it will burn you for sure.

Creating An Online Presence

There is absolutely NO WAY to win in the world of music without having a legitimate web presence and 3rd party websites don't count.

What You Don't Know About Blogs Is Killing You

Most people treat blogs like online journals and that is so 2002. If you don't truly know the real power behind a blog you will continue to be left behind and crushed. This is NOT A GAME!

Content Is King! Why?

Everything around the Internet and major search engines like Google revolve and live off content. Knowing what to write to have that content picked up is vital to your viral marketing and exposure. Learn what to write and when!

How To Get:

  • On TV - FREE 
  • In Newspapers - FREE 
  • On Billboards - FREE 
  • On Radio - FREE 
  • On Magazines - FREE 
  • Crazy Buzz - FREE

4 Websites That Will Make You A Local Celebrity

How would you like to be a local celebrity pretty much over night and I mean within a 48-hour period by doing some simple techniques.

5 Websites That Make Any Artist Viral Within Minutes

Forget about trying to sell music out of the trunk and blast people on Myspace, that's OLD and played. Learn how to become a viral phenomenon within minutes from 5 very ultra specific websites.

8 Video Marketing Strategies You Must Do

Video is the wave of the future but trying to compete with millions of other artist can become a daunting task that can wear you down quickly.

3 Places To Promote And Make Money Too

After you have recorded the hottest mixtape, album or demo you have to be able to promote it to generate a serious income that will line your pocket with money for a better marketing and exposure campaign.

Unstoppable Viral Exposure

The problem most struggling artist have with their music and image is that they are not getting enough exposure and can't seem to break the barrier of competition. That ends RIGHT NOW!


Not only do you get all the information above in the RDM Guide but I also give away some of the coolest bonuses for marketing and exposure. You will cherish these gifts!

Getting some essential tools to use in the music business is always a good thing. With these bonuses you are able to get the lead on your competitors with the power of knowledge.

Make sure you read all of the material and put it to good use!

... As you can see, "The Record Deal Marketing Guide" can get you started VERY FAST -- much like having the answers to a test.

Now imagine if you had this information in your hands right now...your music business problems would be half way solved!

Keep reading there is much more...

Of course, if you're smart, right now you're probably wondering, "How can I make money from what I do in music right now?"

That's a great question....and it's easy to answer

Remember this is an interactive course so you can go as fast or as slow as you want. The information is laid out for you to take advantage of it and you can always refer back to it at your own pace.

Your success will depend on your level of talent. You can land a recording contract within the next couple of months if not weeks, there is NO restrictions. 

The information provided in this guide is going to set you miles apart from the millions of people who don't have it! They are going to be at a serious disadvantage!

If you seriously want to change your status from being a nobody with no exposure to a potential superstar with millions of fans and a fat contract....

You need to see what's in "The Record Deal Marketing Guide"

"Simply grab the attention of major record labels with ease...

... doing something you have a pure and strong will for...Music!"

Selling 1,000's of CD's and rocking madd shows that will be getting the attention of Industry heads is easy to do using "The Record Deal Marketing System" so we are going to look at some more things we reveal in the guide...

The truth is I have made the information available for YOU to put to action like many others have...

 *** WARNING ***

If you keep doing what you are doing, you will keep getting what you are getting.

There are millions of individuals on the Internet alone who are seeking to get a Recording Contract or make money with a music website...just like you.

This is a HUGE problem! If you do not have an edge or a serious advantage you will be a statistic to your competition.

Second, it's CRITICAL that when you receive this information, you put it to use because it works. Mega-Stars have gotten signed using the exact things I am releasing in this marketing system and you can to.

Information is the most powerful thing in the world...

How do I know? Ask yourself this.

Why do countries spend millions of dollars for intelligence and counter-intelligence?

Why do millions of students world wide spend thousands of dollars to go off to colleges and universities?

My point here is they are all seeking information and the one with the best and the most accurate wins because they have a significant advantage.

Same thing in the music industry. The one with the most talent means diddly squat.

It takes talent and information to win.

"Instantly make your music 'viral'...

... And drive 1,000's of
eager buyers to your website FOR MORE MONEY!"

Of course, the best part about my guide "Record Deal Marketing" is that it helps the process of turning your music into a viral phenomenon simple and extremely easy.

Yes! Viral. That means it will spread across the internet and into search engines, social sites and music forums like wildfire.

You literally just follow my instructions... and VOILA!

You instantly have a VIRAL music website and a buzz about you that will increase your popularity and money at record speeds while driving 1,000's of qualified buyers to your music website.

Millions of people are getting paid thousands of dollars for their passions right on the Internet! It just so happens that your passion is none other than MUSIC!

WARNING.... If you are doing anything with music -- and you ARE NOT using "The Record Deal Marketing System" -- your dreams may be at risk!

It's the oldest saying in the book...

"Keep doing what you are will keep getting what you are getting"!

You have to be innovative and daring to get some different results. However do not try to reinvent the wheel. It works perfectly fine.

"Are YOU ready to start generating 1,000s of visitors to gain exposure with the powerful "Record Deal Marketing Guide"...

... OR earn big profits from a lucrative recording contract?!" 

Listen: I could have used this page to tell you how much fun I have on a day to day basis. (Just in case you're wondering, it's more fun than most people have all year round due to the fact I don't punch clocks or answer to anybody about anything...)

But let's face it...THESE ARE YOUR DREAMS!!

I have a TON of marketing experience. I have over 280,000 consistent fans that visit my Music website religiously buying or leasing beats alone. And I have created several websites that bring in thousands of dollars a month 24hrs a day and average 15,000 - 20,000 visitors daily! Marketing, Exposure and Promotion is what I do.

However, this is not about's about YOU and what you want out of life and this technology world!

I share with you websites I built because I want to show you that I'm just like you -- I'm no different accept I make HUGE sums of money online from the same passion you have which is MUSIC! You can now use my intellectual property to get signed to a major or independent record label.

I want to prove to you that anyone (and I mean anyone) can use this! You can make all your dreams come true...all you need is the information "The Record Deal Marketing Guide" provides right now!

With "The Record Deal Marketing Guide", you can do MUCH MORE than become a superstar singer or rapper...

... You can use the information to gain ridiculous amounts of traffic to expose your musical talents to A&R reps or to Recording Companies to get signed to contracts worth $100,000 to $500,000!

Imagine how your fan base and popularity will grow when you place these simple yet powerful techniques in place!

PLUS -- imagine taking your music promotions one step further.... And selling "1,000's of CD's" while you sleep at night... remember the internet is a 24/7 never sleeps.

With "The Record Deal Marketing System", the only limit is your imagination.

And the best part is, the investment to get started works out to literally NICKELS per visitor... just $47.00 -- a HUGE 50% DISCOUNT OFF the regular price...only available for the next 72 hours.

Given its potential to ramp up your popularity TO GET SIGNED, get sales, and get traffic up by tens of thousands of visitors or dollars per year, I'm sure you'd agree $100.... or even $300 would be reasonable for a GUIDE like this but I'm NOT charging that price.

I wanted to make sure "The Record Deal Marketing Guide" is accessible to REAL people -- like YOU and the other thousands of music lovers world wide!

And, as you're about to see, I'm also going to give you a whole HECK of a lot more than just the stuff listed above...

Of course, I wanted to make sure you have everything you need to immediately begin your success of selling more music, getting more exposure and promoting yourself as the best candidate for a record deal using proven techniques!

So if you act now, 

As part of my special launch celebration, I've decided to give anyone who claims a copy of "The Record Deal Marketing Guide" FULL ACCESS to the following THREE Super Bonuses, valued at $791.00 -- but yours FREE!

Wouldn't you agree that the best way to insure success is to follow a set plan that has already worked 1,000's of times and just tweak it to fit your situation?

I thought so.

This PDF eBook will give you exactly what you need to get on the road of starting your own Record Company!

Straight to the point with no HYPE or FAT!

Just real tools to help you get what you seek.


No matter what type of Music you are into...this PDF handbook will set the mark of excellence to any investors you approach!

This eBook is normally valued at $247 -- but it's yours FREE when you claim your copy of "The Record Deal Marketing Guide" today.

It's like having your own team of Professional attorneys...

(A $197.00 value, but yours FREE!)


I have a LOT of industry standard music contracts that are dedicated to protecting your musical works, to ensure that ONLY the people you authorize to use your music, songs, beats or lyrics use them. PROTECT YOURSELF!

Here are some examples...

Artist Management Contract
Artist Producer Contract
Artist Recording Contract
Booking Contract
Producer Royalties Contract

Mechanical Rights License
Producer/Manager Contract
Publishing Contract
Songwriter's Contract
Copyright License and Contract

IMPORTANT NOTE:  I am providing you with 10 Industry Standard Printable Contracts!

**These Contracts CAN BE COPIED and placed in Microsoft Word format so they can easily be customized to meet your standards!

Insider information that only an elite few have knowledge of...

(A $347.00 value, but yours FREE!)


I was once told by a record executive that there is NO second place love in the music business. Bottom Line Is This, You Don't WIN the Silver...You LOSE the Gold!

Pay Attention...

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Do NOT share this information or you will level the playing field!

That's More Than FIVE Times The Value
... Yours At No Additional Cost!

I should mention that these 3 bonuses are NOT available to the public -- at any price! The only way to get them is to claim your copy of "The Record Deal Marketing Guide" today!

You'll get instant access to my secure download site, so that you can start using all of "The Record Deal Marketing Guide" techniques within minutes.

PLUS, you'll also receive your THREE Super Bonuses (valued at $791.00, but yours free!) INSTANTLY... including "The RDM eBook Guide" which will give you rock solid information to remember when you start your music career the right way!

And just to prove to you that I'm very serious about your music success and helping you make real money NOW, I'm about to put my money where my mouth is: 

My "Triple Your Exposure In 60 Days Or
You Pay Nothing" Guarantee!

Because I'm so confident that "The Record Deal Marketing Guide" is the single best music information product of its kind, I'm willing to take all the risk when you order.

So my guarantee on this system is very simple...

"Take two full months to try out "The Record Deal Marketing Guide, and if you haven't TRIPLED your exposure, website traffic or your promotions in 60 days, simply e-mail me for a 100% complete refund."

No hassles and no questions asked.

Start setting up to make more money and receive targeted exposure and promotion in the music industry in the next 5 minutes...

Don't wait! Claim your copy of "The Record Deal Marketing Guide" to start (or expand) your music career or business by selling more songs, getting exposure, promoting your music and landing a recording contract using a Record Deal Marketing System to gain the attention of all the Major Record Labels including the 100's of A&R Reps...

And don't forget: To receive the THREE Super Bonuses valued at $791.00, but yours FREE and receive the Huge 50% Discount, you must claim your copy in the next 72 hours.

Within 5 minutes of completing your order, you will receive digital download instructions for the guide as well as your $791.00 worth of FREE bonuses!

Deatailed PDF's

(Including Images)

20+ Audio Files!

(Over 5 Hours) 


22 Video Files!

(Over 5 Hours)

... Remember, there's absolutely no risk.

You have 60 days to try "The Record Deal Marketing Guide" and profit from all the powerful information... Create your first music website or exposure campaign...

Test several techniques I mention... and see exactly how your exposure and popularity increase. If you're not 100% convinced after 60 days, just send it back.

What are you waiting for? Order right now -- and claim your 50% DISCOUNT and the THREE Super Bonuses (valued at $791.00 but yours FREE!) before it's too late.

To your musical success,

Calvin D. Hill -- CEO
Marinated Musiq, LLC

P.S. To claim the THREE Super Bonuses valued at $791.00 (yours FREE!), be sure to claim your copy of "The Record Deal Marketing Guide" at the HUGE 50% discount for the next 72 hours only!

P.P.S. The closer and closer you get to ordering you keep thinking that, "Each and every day that I go without ordering I'm more than likely going to miss out on a record deal contract that could make me rich and famous." This has all you need to know about the music business and landing that recording contract.

Detailed PDF's

(Including Images)

20+ Audio Files!

(Over 5 Hours) 


22 Video Files!

(Over 5 Hours)

Calvin Hill
Atlanta, Georgia
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Several Testimonials from around the World to Prove Bands, Rappers, Singers, Writers and Producers Are Making Money Using 

"Record Deal Marketing Guide"


I feel that the content and the way that you present it is really the best that I have ever seen (or invested in) and was well worth the guides cost. I consider it to be a great learning tool and that can be used 'on-going' no matter how experienced I become in this type of marketing for my music career. Your affiliate program is great too!

I am satisfied that I received my money's worth. I believe the content is more thoroughly presented and easily understood than others I have read. I felt you went a little further than most people with your video and audio. You will not be disappointed even if they have been in the music business for a longer length of time than myself. Your information can be put to use in any type of marketing setting.

Darrick Worley - Mass Beat Productions
Detroit, Michigan

Very good product. It is clear, concise and you seem to shoot from the hip. I would recommend it to anyone who is doing their homework about getting into the music industry or business or who already has an online presence and needs to generate hits and sales for their music.

Robert Cooper - Guitar Player
Los Angeles, CA

If you want to be successful selling your music on the Internet or preparing to get a recording contract this is for you. If you want to understand how to make the most of your potential market grab RDM. And if you want to avoid expensive mistakes, get this guide. It is the best value for the  money. No, that's wrong. It's better than value for money..... because the clear methods and instructions shine like diamonds that light your way to a prosperous future. Go for it!

Sharina Scott - Singer for "Jaded Ambitions"
Hertfordshire, United Kingdom


Hi Calvin, Yes, I downloaded everything just fine, and I'm about halfway through viewing and listening to it. The reason I'm not done yet is I keep having to stop and do something about my web site, based on what I'm learning as I go! This is wonderful information, and you are incredibly generous to share it. I'm looking forward to an ongoing experience that I know will change my financial life forever. Warm regards,

Josh Becker, Reese Entertainment

Yes, thank you. I am new to internet marketing so I am studying your materials closely. There is so much to learn! You have put together an information-packed program; I go over the material at least three times a day, since I discover something I missed the first couple of times frequently. I have no doubt I will be able to put together a very profitable music marketing program and marketing plan using your system. Thank you.

Neil Foxx - Love Life Records


I was quite happy with this product. It is well recorded and easy to understand. Your guide really allows anyone to write copy with your formula. Much better information not a rehash of everyone else's ideas. I would say conservatively this guide will allow me to double my current CD sales and increase my profitability at the same time. If you are going to spend your hard earned money on a marketing guide or course. Buy Calvin's guide first, you won't be sorry.

Cain - Cain Entertainment
Bronx, New York



This one of the best guides that I have ever purchased off the Internet for music marketing, promotion and exposure and getting better hits for my web site and I have 5 sites. You tell where and how and what site to get information for your traffic, which I would have never thought of. Also a lot of useful information and advertising your music products or where to get some and how to make a lot of money. You also have good follow up with your clients and I think that's great. Keep up the good work and god bless you. May you always get what you wish for. - Record Deal Marketing Guide - Buy it !

Unlike your day job you probably don't already know enough to earn a living on the Internet. Just like your job successful internet marketing requires you to learn how to do it. When I got started I didn't have access to the information. You have a choice so don't waste time spinning your wheels like I did.

Canton J. - Push Vision Records, Inc.
Smyrna, Georgia



This is great stuff! What I have viewed so far has been much more than I expected. With so much rubbish out there this has come as a refreshing tonic and I am not even a third of the way through yet. I'll let you know what I think of the rest of it but, we have a saying around here that I think applies to your product. It goes, "This may be rubbish but -it's GOOD rubbish!" :-)

Terrance Wade - Rapper



It is greatly refreshing to talk to someone on the Internet that is worried about their customers. I was glad to see your email in my mailbox the next day. Unlike some marketers online. I also want to say that I'm thoroughly impressed by the information that I have received. I got a chance to follow the majority of your system while I was at school for Music Engineering!.

Nick Spano - Nashville, TN



Dear Calvin, I thank you very much for your kind and powerful information. I have been running a production company which is dying and I was wondering how to re-dynamize it. Your guide is just TO THE POINT. I can see so many ways to go so strong with your formula. YOU REALLY HAVE THE THING which is missing to many people. I agree, the course is REALLY like a "Complete University Education". I just want to stick to your plan, and follow step by step the course. I think this is a product everybody needs. Your Record Deal Marketing shows me the way.

Janice Spear - Lead Singer "Wasted Puppies"

I think you have a lot of excellent points and I like the fact you don't mind giving others the credit by referencing their books or ideas. I commend you for this. All the info but so far all the info is excellent.

Eric Towers - Recording Engineer
West Virginia

Hello Calvin, I have watched and listened to The Record Deal Marketing Guide and it was so good that I am reviewing it again. Words can't describe it. All I can say is 11 out of 10 and its a Godsend. The program has most definitely effected my thinking since I started using a computer and logged on to the Net. I have been searching to find a marketing program that would answer all my questions for launching my music career. I have finally found it. With this and the determination to succeed I know I will do well, not only for myself but for others around me.

Nathan Wambu - Writer, Wambu Publishing
Ivory Cost

I am studying The Record Deal Marketing Guide. Although I did skip ahead to your chapter Bonuses. I love to listen to my MP3 player so I downloaded your audio to my IPOD to get that platinum information.

T. Mosely
Gutta Music, Inc.


I have been savoring it for a few days now and with only a few of your suggestions made this weekend I have doubled my CD orders. I can't wait until I really put your stuff to work!

Karen Shultz - "Poetry Princess" 

Hi, Calvin: Your guide is the first and only product I have liked so well I've tried to market it to other internet music business types. It was very good and it exceeded my expectations which were, after reading about the product, quite high. What separates your approach from your competitors is the practical, hands on, approach. Your ideas can be quickly and easily implemented. Understanding how the formula works and how to apply it is well worth the price of admission (even without the guarantee)

Doug Marsh - Marsh Records, Inc
Seattle WA 

Dear Calvin, I am very pleased with the power-packed pile of money-slamming information.....It's non-stop! I do respect your direct point of view and very useful product.

Terry Smith - Guitar Player
South Carolina

I am pleased in the sense that I am totally new in this venture and your comments are making sense to me. I am very excited about this guide. I have found myself totally absorbed in the information you supply. The time flies by, which to me indicates a very knowledgeable product that holds my interest.

Edwin Berry - Madd Heart, Inc
Columbus, Georgia


I was very pleased. Your overall presentation from your Mini-site to your main products and websites to your follow ups are proof that you practice what you preach. It made me think differently about marketing myself and my music. It is opening up new ideas, channels, etc. The product is worth it if you really want to be on the cutting edge of music marketing on the internet and I really liked that fact that it was easy reading.

Bill Ramsby - Master Mind, Mixing
Blaine WA

I am very satisfied. I think you have done a terrific job in your presentations. I would recommend everyone to buy it.

Fletcher R. Billings - CEO of EED Records
San Antonio, Texas

Great info. I was very pleased, It was on the high end of the scale compared to all the other material I've seen. By all means, buy it!

Tiffany Wade - Artist
Englewood, CO

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