Hip Hop Labels Accepting Demos

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If you are a hip hop artist, chances are you find it much easier to get gigs than get signed to a record label. There are lots of clubs that are looking for great hip hop artists to entertain their crowds, but finding hip hop labels that are accepting demos is a much harder task. That is because hip hop artists have to have the entire package. Not only do you need to be able to sing and rap, but you also need to have the right look and be able to move and dance to your music. It is a very competitive market and you need to have the right stuff to make it.

Major hip hop labels accepting demos are few and far between. For example, Def Jam probably wouldn’t even listen to your demo unless you are already signed to an indie label. Thankfully, there are some great indie hip hop labels that are accepting demos. Indie, or independent labels, are almost always willing to at least listen to new talent. They might not sign you, but they will at least give you a listen.

Some of the hip hop labels accepting demos these days are Wild Records and Rawkus Records. Currently Rawkus is looking for their Rawkus 50, fifty unsigned artists that can be represented by the Rawkus logo. They are hoping that out of these fifty new hip hop artists, they will be able to find two or three new hip hop stars. If you have a professional sounding and looking demo with you right now, you should get it in the mail and send it off to Rawkus Records today.

Not always are hip hop labels accepting demos, but a careful search of your indie label local scene and a trip to the Rawkus Record’s website should yield a few places where you might get a deal.

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