Indie Labels in California

California is a great place to make music. Los Angeles is the entertainment capital of the world and is full of recording studios and record labels that are always looking for the newest hot talent in the world of music. While all of the Big Four major record labels have a least a branch of their headquarters in Los Angeles, it is the indie labels in California that really make the state great. These labels are spread out all along the coast and into the beautiful Silicon Valley area. They specialize in almost every type of music you could want.

Boosweet Records is just one of the many indie labels in California. Much of their music falls into a Latin/jazz genre, with a little bit of pop and soul thrown into the mix. Their website has a huge online store that lets you purchase both the albums and the merchandise of all their artists. They also offer online and paper marketing services.

Another one of the indie labels in California is Clear Blue Records. They have come to fill the small niche of Purty South hip hop, a style of urban music that betrays its southern roots. They also take on electronica groups. Century Media Records actually has a worldwide presence but is still hands off enough to qualify as an indie label. It produces a lot of industrial music, as well as metal and rock.

L.A. Records is an indie label in California that recognizes that most people in L.A. are hoping to eventually get signed to a major label. It markets itself as a springboard for just that step, helping artists learn how to promote themselves in such a way as to get noticed by one of the major labels. L.A. Records can also boast an Emmy winning musician in their stable, Stan Bush.