Major record labels accepting demos

For many years, hopeful recording artists and bands were a lot like aggressive job hunters. The big concern that everybody wanted to know was whether or not there were major record labels accepting demos, much like applications. Just like avid job seekers, this seemed to be a question you were always asking, to everyone you met, no matter if they could help you or not. Now, you can help yourself, because technology has removed the need to sample your demo in front of seasoned ears. No, the trend now is to record your own music and share it directly with your audience, regardless of its size or profitability.

Freeware programs provide many options for obtaining different types of recording software. Some are easier to use than others, but that has more to do with the available studio capabilities than functionality. You can find downloadable software that is will strictly record with no mixing options available and yet you may also need to get a file converter to put it in a more suitable format for online use. Unfortunately acquiring the right software for you can take some time, but it still beats hitting the pavement in Seattle, L.A., or Nashville.

Once you have your software and have recorded your music you can mix it with other programs that can make beats or supply other virtual instruments which you can use to record background tracks. This is where studio expertise and musical training comes in handy, but it still somewhat unnecessary. It’s really a matter of finesse more than facts.

To distribute your music, you can use any of the available social networks which will let you promote yourself as a recording artist. This is a great way to build credibility and a fan base of people who love your music. When your fan base is big enough, it’s time to go on tour. Traditionally, bands would have to wait until coming back from tour before they ever really started receiving any money. You see, record companies front all the initial costs of recording the album, so they reap a majority of the profits from the record sales. This new system flips it all upside down and supports the development of your act, growing a subscriber base of fans which have already helped you become profitable before you ever leave your home. Most people, I think, would rather start a tour knowing that they don’t have to, but doing it because they want to.