Win a Recording Contract

There are many ways in which people get discovered. Very rarely is it like Lana Turner sitting at the soda fountain and suddenly catching the eye of a big Hollywood producer. Most of the time the people we think are discovered have actually been working for years to get to the point where they can be discovered. That is rather than receive a recording contract, you rather win a recording contract. The music industry is competitive and the lucky few who land major label deals have definitely won something.

To win a recording contract you need to first and foremost concentrate on your music. Your voice, you playing, and your songwriting must be in top form at all times. There is no rest in the music industry. If you decide to take a three week vacation and don’t sing during that whole time, rest assured there is someone else who looks like you and sounds like you that is rehearsing every day. If this is case, he or she will win a recording contract over you. Never get complacent; never rest on your laurels. If you are the regular band at your local club, see if you can’t expand to a small regional tour.

You also always need to be building your fan base if you want to win a recording contract. The more certified fans you have, the more likely a label is going to pick you up as a sure money maker. Track your fans through facebook or MySpace. The MySpace jukebox widget has a play count tracker. Build a website and put a counter on it. Put out a fan mailing list at every concert and keep in touch with all your fans. It is hard work to win a recording contract and only the people who really strive will succeed.